Community Robot License

I work in a small company and we are exploring UiPath Studio. Already
we have robotized a process with UiPath Studio version community, but we have the concern of how much time the active Robot has with the community license, because we want this Robot and the robotic process to be for a very long time in production.

Hi Mateo,

As you already know, the Community Robot comes with Studio Community Edition. When you first choose Start free option, if you go in Studio - Help you will see that it says “Expires in 12 weeks”. That means that every 12 weeks you need to renew your community license here: There is no limit for the renewal, you will have it forever.

The 12 weeks period is because even if it is free, Studio Community Edition still communicates with our licensing server (and gets the information that it can be used for free). But there are cases when people install it and use it for a week for example and after this they don’t use it anymore (it’s like in real life, not everybody likes you and it’s perfectly fine :smiley: ).

So don’t worry and enjoy your Community Robots!