Community plan shows expiry after 2 years

I downloaded ‘community plan’, on website it shows its always free version but on dashboard i can see the expiry after 2 years. After 2 years do i need to buy licence? Thanks!

you can do license renewal and it will be free for community edition.

Thanks for the info !

this is the link for renewal license


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Hi @Deepali_Korde and @Sreelatha278

Community license is always free, you won’t have to buy after two years. The renew community link is no longer available, as the license renews automatically.

With Community versions prior to 2019.4 we had a licensing server limitation that would require you to renew every three months. Now that is solved.

In Cloud Platform, when you are on the Community plan, it will show an expiry date, but that is only as an info. It will be renewed automatically or disabled if you don’t use your account at all in one year. If it’s disabled, next time you login it will enable again, so no worries.

For Studio, you also have a one year free license that renews automatically, that’s why you don’t see an expiration date in Studio.

Community is free, you don’t have to pay for it, it renews automatically. Happy automation! :smiley:


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