Community Orchestrator UI hides packages?

Hi, I am having issues finding packages with the new Orchestrator. Was able to delete a process, but wanted to delete underlying packages. They seem to be hiding in the new UI. Any tips?

The new ui is problematic. I need to have greater control over packages.

Hi @khordination,
Package feeds are under Tenant (select Tenant, and Packages Tab). When you say you need greater control, what do you specifically want to see so we can consider for improvement? (@iamwiliamb @Ovidiu_Constantin)

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Thank you for the prompt response. I found what I was looking for in the tenant tab. My suggestion would be to add this tab in the Automations section, so it’s close to where it used to be and more easily accessible. I find the flows for creating processes difficult without being able to add/delete packages. I at least make mistakes naming/uploading packages into processes when I set them up.

Thank you @khordination! We’ll look into it!

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