Community Orchestrator Login Issue

Dear All,

I am facing login orchestrator after i create a user from another account.I have only community version license now i am not able to run and test process help of orchestrator.

I really appreciate if you can help out on this issue.

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I get the same thing using Firefox. When I try Google Chrome, I get rerouted back to the login page. There, I will once again choose to login with gmail account. I get the gmail 2 factor authentication. It works. Enter my gmail password. And I get rerouted back to the login page.

This only happens on my virtual machine. When I run from my host machine everything works. Incredibly frustrated.

Edit: the hasnumber is 213 on my machine.

Hi @BOT118
You user account didn’t confirm on the main tenant yet , check your main tenant users and " last active status"
Probably your account not confirm yet