Community Orchestrator- Classic folder functionality deprecation - Phase 1


I have just tried to publish a new process to Orchestrator ( community version). Because of the depreciaton of classic folders i could not publish my new process.

After reading the forum post (Orchestrator in Automation Cloud™ - Classic folder functionality deprecation - Phase 1) i have created a new modern folder and add a machine which i used as robot in classic folder. Then i created a robot role which is also used as robot account in classic folder. After this preparation i have published my new process to modern folder and start the job.

The job that i started stucks in Pending status for a long time and does not start any process on robot.

I would so appreciate if someone could help me.


Hello @mnefesoglu1,

Is your Robot connected and licensed ? Could you please check that once.
Also, please check the license and see how many runtimes are present.


Yes @athira.somasekharan my robot is connected and licenced.

1please check the license and see how many runtimes are present. - How can i check it?

You can check that in Tenant-> License


@athira.somasekharan you can see above.


Okay, just one more thing. Can you check the No. Of runtime slot you have given for the machine template?
Orchestrator → Tenant → Machine → Select the template


Hello @mnefesoglu1 ,

In the UiPATH assistant are you able to see the status as connected, licensed? Also please verify the Assistant tis connected to the correct orchestartor\Tenant.

Also go to Preferences->Orchestrator settings->( Signout and signin again). If not connected plz create a connection if the Machine key.


Also my robot’s settings runtime license is 1