Community License not updating


I received a pop up that my community edition needs to have its license renewed. I went to the renewal page, filled in the information, and submitted. Still get the same error when I restart Uipath, that it needs to be renewed. Did this a few times with various e-mail addresses, just in case. I have updated this before without an issue. Is there a limit on the number of renewals for the community edition?

Hi @Zaguls

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we can renew n number of times
hope this could give you more insights on this

Cheers @Zaguls

Removing Uipath and reinstalling the 2019.6 edition seemed to do the trick as I was the an older 2018 edition. Thanks for the help, and quick response!

edit: Should note that I did this on two computers, and both device IDs changed as a result. So seemed to be an issue with the old IDs.

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