Community editions limiations


Hi Everyone,
I just installed the community edition and was searching for Excel/pdf app integration in activity search. Do we have these app integration available in community edition. Also is there a doc which explains all the difference between free vs paid version.


Hi ,
Please install the excel / csv package (all available package ) from the package manager.
Yes we do have app integration in CE including all the activity of studio .

Regards to difference :
CE is a fully functional edition of UiPath Studio/Robot. The differences between CE and Studio are

*no support in CE (only forum)
*CE robots can’t connect to the *Orchestrator/Server


Thanks. Every time I close the tool and login back I have to import all the
packages. Is there a setting to make packages persists on closing tool…


Looks like your running the installer which overrides the AppData folder and you need to install all the package again.
So follow up these steps:
Go to AppData\Local\UiPath\app-2016\UiPathStudio.exe and created a shortcut on desktop.And try to launch UiPath from there.


Thanks a lot… i figured it out… really appreciate your support. This
community rocks…


@ddpadil I have to manually install the UIPath packages every time I open UIPath. I use a citrix server that resets some of the temp files each night.

Is there a workaround for this? So that I don’t have to install them. I have tried to install the packages on the master image/server, and use this image on my server. However, I still have to install them. Any ideas?