Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition

Dear Team,

Can some one share the details of challenges and activities not available in Community and Enterprise edition? Need to understand what are the activities available and not available? also need difference between Community & Enterprise edition.


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Hi @abalaji51521
The community edition specifically will only provide you with 3 bots: 1 unattended and 2 attended. This is a good solution for small solutions or small companies.

The Enterprise Edition can either be on premises or on the cloud, and you can request additional bot licesnses. You can also opt for extended support, which gives you access to UiPath staff to help troubleshoot issues. The enterprise edition is best if you have a mid-size or larger company that wants to start a deditcated RPA team.

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thanks @Majed but want to know if we use community for my team (i have small team), will that be any blockers in terms of using any packages for development?

Majed, when you say “will only provide you with 3 bots: 1 unattended and 2 attended.” does that mean you are able to have 1 process run by an unattended bot and 2 processes run by 2 attended bots? In other words, does one bot run 1 process only? Thanks!


Yes, 1 bot cannot run more than one processes in the same time. But once the first process is finished, you can run the second process and so on.