Community Edition validay

Hi Team,

I have intsalled community edition on 2nd March 2019.
Can someone please confirm that by what date this CE will get expire ?

For how many days Uipath provides free trial.

Thanks in advance for your help and support

Hi @sidharth, welcome to our Forum! :dancer:

We have released yesterday the 2019.4 version, so CE will not expire. Before 2019.4 version, you had to renew the free license every 12 weeks.

What Studio version do you have? If your Studio didn’t update automatically, please request to download it again and you see that in Help section you won’t have an expiration date anymore.


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Thanks ovi for your swift response,

I have installed 2019.3.0 on 02/Mar/2019 but now I can see it has automatically upgraded to 2019.4.0

Below are the 2 version details I have observed today.

  1. Previous version
    2019.3.0 - 03/20/2019
    Community Edition
    EXE Installer
    Expires in 6 weeks
    License Provider: External
    Update Channel: Stable

  1. current Version
    2019.4.0 - 04/16/2019
    Community Edition
    EXE Installer
    License Provider: Internal
    Update Channel: Stable

I was knowing that CE gets expire in 60 days.
Can you please confirm when my CE will get expire .So that we can go for the license one.

Thank You!!


Your UIpath got updated to 2019.4.0. From this version onwards it won’t expire.

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Thank you Lakshman !!
Also can you please confirm
What would be the compatibility challenges if I move my code from 2019.4 CE to licensed 2018.x version (preferably above 2018.4).

If for example you used some features only available in 2019.4, you wouldn’t get them in 2018.4. But you’ll be able to use the activities (even the new ones) if you update your packs in 2018.4.

So it depends on what your workflow is doing. We don’t support backwards compatibility precisely for the reason above. :slight_smile:


Is there any other limitation for the community edition 2019.10.4 which you mentioned will never expire