Community Edition Still Available?

From reading online it seems like the Community Edition is still available, but I can’t find it on the website anymore? Did it go away?

All I see now if a “Free version” on the pricing page, which no longer includes unattended robots. The Community Edition is suppose to include unattended robots.

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According to this:

"Starting with November 2022, new customers interested in trying out UiPath products for free can sign up at

Existing Community users who were compliant with the terms and conditions that were in place when they signed up can continue using their Community plan."

I guess that’s my answer. It’s not available to new users anymore. Only those grandfathered in. :frowning:


Can you try the following step?

First register Community plan from the following page.(If you have an account, it’s necessary to create new organization. OR use new mail address as new account)
  1. Next login AutomationCloud, click [?] sign at top right corner, Download

  2. Click Download button in Community edition then install it.



@Yoichi - Thanks. I get that it’s still available for download, but are they still allowing community licenses to run unattended robots?

From what I can tell, they aren’t giving out new community licenses, hence the reference to November 2022?


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Community version does not support unattended…in the sense you cannot install robot in service mode…

But for your testing you xan still run the bots from orchestrator to simulate unattended but without actually closing the laptop or vm… if closed it would not work as service mode is not enabled

Hope this helps



Community plan still includes Unattended license as the following document.

If you newly create an organization for community plan from the above URL in my previous post, it includes UR license.


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UiPath Community Edition is still available, but it has been renamed to the UiPath Free Plan. The UiPath Free Plan includes the following features:

  • Access to the UiPath Studio and UiPath Robot software
  • The ability to create and run attended automations
  • The ability to create and run unattended automations with up to 2 robots

To find the UiPath Free Plan, go to the UiPath website and click on the Pricing tab. Scroll down to the Choose your plan section and click on the Free plan.

If you need to run more than 2 unattended robots, you will need to purchase a paid UiPath plan.

Check this out

Cheers @Scott_Paterson

Hi @Anil_G,

I think you are incorrect:

According to this page:

Community edition supports 1 unattended robot.

Hi @Palaniyappan,

I think you are incorrect:

According to this page:

The free plan does not allow any unattended robots.

This is why I really want to understand if if the community edition is still available. I’m not getting a clear answer on if you can still get a free community edition unattended robot license. If someone can answer that, that would be very helpful. Can someone that works at UI Path answer this?


As mentioned earlier…you will have license…but as you cannot install robot in service mode using community edittion you cannot run completwly unattended.If a robot in user mode is run unattended means by having the vm closed and all…the bot might mot perform few clicks might mot qork properly on ui etc will hppen

But as mentioned already you can tun from orchestrator using unattended by keeping the session open by your sef then it works

Uattended by word means running without you…so even with having one unattended in community that is not possible as installing in service mode is a restriction