Community Edition Showing Expiry after 2 years

Hi All,

I am new to UI Path. Recently, I was trying to download the community edition from url:

It got downloading also, but I see in Subscription date of after two years. Why is that so?
Also, am I supposed to do any payment for this?

Under licenses, it gives the name as “Community plan”. Hope that is for community edition only. please confirm?

Also, under attended I see 2, Testing runtime-1 and unattended runtime-1. So, can you please help me in understanding what is this for?



Community Edition is free, no need of any payments, so don’t worry

By default you will be assigned with the runtimes to test the UiPath platform

Hope this helps


Thank you ksrinu for the response.

For downloading .net framework 4.6.1, Can you or anyone please suggest if I need to install the runtime pack or developer pack?


Runtime is enough to run UiPath


Okay, Thank you so much

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