Community Edition not work - Device is already activated

Hi, i a trying use UiPath community edition but after install I have this message “Device is already activated, trial not allowed after code activation” I have read that others users also have this problem. Can you help me please?

Hi @jsayar

Please give us more details: did you previously have Studio installed and activated licence on that device?
If so, you cannot have CE. You have to contact the support team in order for them to allow to have CE on that device.

I have not installed UiPath before on my laptop, it’s the first time. To provide more information I am using a virtual machine with Windows 7 on my MacBook.

In this case, i think that the issue is with the virtual machine provider. If that machine was cloned somehow, then the device ID might not be unique.

I installed Ui path in my device.When I’m opening it everytime it is asking to activate Using my E-mail.
When I’m activating it everytime I’m unable to view my previous work.When I’m trying to access it from my workspace,I’m getting an error and I’m losing the dowmloaded custom package files such as Database,Excel.
Can you please suggest suitable solution.

Hi sreekanth,

This happens because you always open the installer(.exe) and that’s why it overwrites every time. Go to %localappdata%\UiPath\UiStudio.exe and create a shortcut for it.

Thanks @ovi