Community Edition Licensing Issue

I am facing an issue where upon a fresh install, the program works as expected. However, upon restarting the computer, the program asks to activate a license (which I have already done) and after putting in my email address, (which worked correctly earlier) I receive the error to activate a license to execute processes. I have followed the previous advice to delete the folders from appdata and nuget, windows defender is disabled, and I have no antivirus. I did accidentally download the wrong setup file at first, the one not for community, but that has been deleted from the recycle bin as well. When I click on License Details in the Help tab, “Continue Free” is visible. I have followed the described process of re-installation several times. It seems the only fix would be to uninstall and reinstall each time I use the software. Please help.

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Fine @Craig_Koziolek, no worries

Buddy @loginerror @Pablito
We are seeing lot of issues under same topic today,
like while after restarting the machine asking for activating the license again
kindly help us on this, is there any problem with installation and configuration…

Cheers @Craig_Koziolek

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Hi @Craig_Koziolek,
Is there any possibility that you have proxy or any vpn settings?
Please also tell me which version of studio do you have?