Community Edition License Renewal

I am using Ui Path community Edition. It work fine till today. I am trying to execute the code now an error is showing ‘To execute the code, you need to renew the license’. I tried to renew the license in ‘UiPath’. But I didn’t get any updates from UiPath.

UiPath version-2019.7.0
My device ID:UIP-e17d08065b

@Jilty_Issac Welcome to uipath community uninstall uipath studio and install it

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@indra thank you. It works fine now… But now I faced another issue. After reinstalled the uipath studio my ‘.bat’ files are not running properly. Before it worked fine.

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what was the issue you were facing
kindly try with START PROCESS activity and pass the file path of the .bat file
that would work for sure
or restart your machine once again so that studio would get restarted

youi were almost done
Cheers @Jilty_Issac

@Palaniyappan I am trying to run xaml file using the ‘.bat ’ files. Yesterday it worked fine. Today reinstalled my uipath studio after got an error ’ To execute the code, need to renew the license.’ After reinstall the uipath studio ,the xaml file run successfully . I was scheduled this task using windows scheduler. But now i got the above error while running the batch file.[This batch file worked fine before reinstalling the uipath studio]

@Jilty_Issac Uipath does not support windows scheduler you might schedule sometime it may works sometimes it wont works.

Thank you all for your quick response.I got it …‘execute’ keyword is required before the --file path.

@Jilty_Issac Not sure about this you can have a look here Link 1 Link 2