Community Edition error: Activation failed with error: -4213




I am using the community edition. Since today I get an error when trying to start Uipath (it has worked before):

Activation failed with error: -4213
Error description: SOAP client has invalid date
License status: Undetermined

Device ID: DFYUQ3g9X7eqXw17+G3/
Computer: HOMEBASE
User Name: dsuha

I have already renewed the licence as suggested in some other Topics but again get this error message is thrown.

Can somebody help me ?




hi update your system date, because is wrong


i have the same issue


Hi, thanks it worked fine for me.




update your computer system date


Hi There ,
I have the same issue .

can you please guide what system date need to update ?

Also do i need to time zone or what?


Can please someone tell how to update the system date?
i have used the community edition on 12 June 2018 and it worked, now its 13 Jun 2018 and it genereated INVALIDE DATE ERROR like above .


Hellow can you guide us through the same issue?


@luchovelez can you please tell me how to update the system date?