Community Edition 2019.10 Licensing Question

Hi UiPath Team,

Just a few questions regarding community edition license:

  1. When installing the community edition, the email address and machine Id prompt is no longer available. Is the email address somehow being embedded on the installer ( or is it already not required in the license?

  2. Does the community license being renewed/activated in the background every used of the studio? (Renewal of community license is no longer available too.)

I cant see answers on the documentation: About Licensing :frowning:

Thank you!

Hi @Emman_Pelayo,
Studio CE license is renewed automatically and is being checked by each run of the Studio. That’s why one of the requirements is to have constant internet connection.

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Thanks for the clarification pablito!

Does the uirobot/agent desktop checks the license too? Does it show prompts to renew the license like previous version where it expires for X number of weeks?

Just check this link:
The first column shows what community license consist of. This is the part of Community License and everything connected with Orchestrator is automatically checked online.

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