Community Contributor of the Month

:medal_sports: Starting June we launched a Community Newsletter with the objective of staying close to you, our dear UiPath Community members, and bringing more awareness about UiPath Community programs, platforms and initiatives in general.

Every month, at the end of the newsletter, we mention a community member who has contributed in extraordinary ways to scale automation adoption among their peers through their knowledge and collaboration.

What is it about?

Starting from the beginning of June, we select one user who will receive the monthly mention for their contributions to our UiPath Community.

Every mentioned community member is chosen by the UiPath Community team using a set of criteria that you can see below:

  • contributed to building a local community and organized at least one successful meetup (big crowd, many questions, product feedback etc)

  • was present as a trainer, speaker of facilitator at an RPA/automation themed event

  • published at least 2 blog posts in the last 3 months (on the Community blog or in any other public space where there is an audience)

  • **published at least 2 tutorials on YouTube, for example, in the last 3 months

  • published at least [5 use-cases](Use Cases Repository - UiPath Community Forum) in the last 3 months

  • added any other extraordinary, undefined contribution to the Community

*every contribution is mandatory to be focused on high-quality content

At the end of each month, the UiPath Community Team reviews who the most active contributors were and rewards the one who stands out most. This process has a small dose of subjectivity in it, so please be mindful of this. :blush:

The rewards:

  • mention in the UiPath Community Newsletter, in the section Community Member of the month
  • a beautiful Forum badge that will appear in their profiles

*When mentioning the Community member of the month, we attach in the newsletter a photo (optional), the name and the LinkedIn profile of the awarded person. We check before if they agree and we kindly ask them to please check the privacy policy - the data will be managed accordingly, and they will need to confirm that they agree to us publishing their name, LinkedIn profile and picture in the newsletter.

Let us know what you think in the comments below :smiley:


We also want to proudly mention our contributors from June, July, August and September.

Priya Darshini - Senior Technical Consultant @ Machina, 2021 UiPath Community MVP and events speaker - @PD2

Hiba Beldi - Chapter Leader for Paris Chapter - @Hiba_B

Shubham Varshney - Senior RPA Consultant at Xebia, UiPath Forum contributor, added 5 use cases in the fields of HR, Finance, Operations and Compliance - @Shubham_Varshney

This month we celebrated more than one member and we acknowledged team effort and dedication . :tada:

After wrapping up the RPA Summer School that brought together more than 2000 attendees starting as citizen developers, we want to congratulate the 5 :star: team behind it:
Afe Araromi - Senior Analyst @dipoleDIAMOND - @afe.araromi
Hanh Nguyen - Senior Consultant @Machina Automation - @vgbot
Nicolas Erlichman - Senior Software Developer @BASF - @nerlichman
Nidhi Chaturvedi - Senior RPA Specialist @Citrix - @Nidhi_Chaturvedi


Nice and useful article

October brings Nisarg Kadam Senior Consultant at WonderBotz to be nominated the member of the month! ๐€๐ฎ๐ญ๐จ๐ฆ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง ๐๐š๐ญ๐ก๐ฌ๐ก๐š๐ฅ๐š, an event hosted together with UiPath Community gathered 600 attendees to join and learn more about our RPA. Thank you for your amazing work on helping others to reboot their skills.


Hello community fellows,

Letโ€™s look at and celebrate the community members we have had in the past few months. We appreciate your contribution and dedication. :heartpulse: :clap: We look forward to further nominations.


:heavy_heart_exclamation: Nikhilesh Sathyavarapu is a Senior RPA Business Analyst at ValueMoment. Experienced in full life cycle analysis and in using UiPath products, Nikhilesh successfully implements RPA solutions. The UiPath Community acknowledges your contribution to the automation space! We especially thank you for delivering 10 sessions, hosted in our community, focused on Business Analysts. Different industry specialists to dialog with around 500 attendees!


:heavy_heart_exclamation: We want to acknowledge the dedication, passion, and immense contribution to the UiPath ecosystem of Balamurgan Shanmugsundaram. Known as BalaReva, a great developer, a valuable community member, and an entrepreneurial spirit, recently a vendor on UiPath Marketplace. Kudos to Bala for all his splendid work, and do not hesitate to check his outstanding component for Excel automation.


:heavy_heart_exclamation: Andreea Tomescu is our shining star, an engaging, and inspiring community builder to win the community professional of the year 2022 at CMX Awards! Thank you for the valuable work you are crafting each day.


:heavy_heart_exclamation: Eduard Shlepetskyy is founder at ECTIVE Automation, most valuable professional for three years in a row, :crown: founder chapter leader in Bratislava and Lviv, and a candid, brilliant mentor to help others grow. Hear his thoughts and be inspired.


:heavy_heart_exclamation: The community celebrates Jacqui Muller, Application Architect at Dimension Data and UiPathโ€™s first South African MVP. Among her successes we acknowledge : UiPath Johannesburg chapter leader, author in the community blog, part of UiPathโ€™s mentorship program, speaker in community events, UiPath certified advanced RPA developer. Thanks for all the value that you are bringing to our community, Jacqui. Keep up!


:heavy_heart_exclamation: This month we celebrate the amazing contribution of Lahiru Fernando to our community. Among the roles and achievements, we mention: MVP, UiPath Certified Advanced RPA developer, Refcard author, speaker at community events, blog author for two years in a row, chapter leader, active UiPath Forum member, mentor, and trainer. We appreciate your dedication and perseverance.


:heartpulse: Weโ€™re excited to nominate Emmanuel Kolawole as the contributor of the month! Co-Chapter leader in Lagos, heโ€™s engaged in leading Africa Series and in conducting the cross-Chapter collaboration across Africa. Congrats on this amazing work and on the value, you are bringing to the local chapters.


:heartpulse: This month we appreciate Parth Doshi as contributor of the month! We see Parth in different roles, masterminding mentorship for fellow community members. Among the main achievements, we remind: part of the MVP network, chapter leader, speaker at different community events and jury for RPATools Hackathon 2021. Thank you for your commitment and keep inspiring others.


Hello, community fellows!

:heart: Here we are, with the second edition of the RPA Summer School program delivered. This month we celebrate your significant contribution to designing a custom learning experience in RPA. A big thank you to Afe Araromi (@afe.araromi), Head of Service Delivery at dipoleDIAMOND, Nicolas Erlichman (@nerlichman), Director of Engineering at GoGrow, Dillan Hackett (@Djh), Partner and Director at Tquila Automation and Priya Darshini (@PD2), RPA Solution Architect at XferLogic.


Hello community,

:heart: This month we recognize Tracy Dixon as member of the month. Her constant contribution fuels activities like: re-launching the South Florida Chapter, being a speaker at FORWARD 5, participation in Reboot Your Skills, part of the Women in Automation program, engaged in RPA Summer School, and contributor to MVP Summit. Thanks for making things happen in the automation community!


Hello community fellows,

:heartbeat: This month we nominate Arvind Kumar as the member of the month. Arvind offered several product improvement ideas for UiPath Apps. He is an active user of UiPath Insider and UiPath Community Forum and solved software flaws in the product design. Thank you for being bold and immersed in product development.

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Hello community,

:heart: The extraordinary community contributor of the month badge goes to Stefano Negro. Assuming his role as an MVP fully, he achieved the UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer in 2022. His focus was on writing community blogs and on actively participating in the Automation for Good 2022 Community Stories and RPA Summer School 2022.


Hello community,

:heart: Since 2021 Gokul Balaji aka Gokul001 has achieved up to 30 badges, 16.7k topics viewed, 94.5k posts read, 6.6k posts created, and 683 solutions submitted. Only 176 solutions were marked this month, an all-time record! Thanks for sharing your expertise in UiPath Forum with such dedication!


Thanks @Oana_Chicioroaga

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:two_hearts:This month the award goes to Asha Nirmala aks @Asha_Nirmala, Lead Solution Architect at Quadance Technologies. Speaker in Kerala gathering and actively involved in growing the local community, you facilitate members to handle the challenges in the local groups. Thanks for your passion in developing communities.

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:heart: The award is well deserved by @Yoichi , UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer and MVP from Japan. We appreciate your activity on UiPath Forum shown in impressive numbers: more than 136k posts read, 31k topics viewed, up to 14k posts created and over 3k solutions offered.


@Oana_Chicioroaga Thank you! Iโ€™m honored.


:heart: This month we acknowledge Gajanan Patil & Ruchir Mahajan, co-chapter leaders in Pune. They drive incredible involvement in the local community with more than 1400 members. Their contributions have been key in engaging customers, partners and universities to be both attendees and direct contributors. Keep up the value through mentorship!


Thank you @Oana_Chicioroaga for mentioning me. Being a part of the UiPath Family has been an incredible experience, and I truly appreciate the recognition.

This UiPath family has played a crucial role in enhancing my skills and shaping me into the person I am today. Their unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. - @Vibhor.Shrivastava & @Rohit_Radhakrishnan

Thank you once again for acknowledging my contribution. I am honored :heart:


This month the award goes to Jonathan M. Gichohi, @Jonathan_Mbiriri MVP and chapter leader of Nairobi . The launch of โ€œAfrica Series 2 - Explore the UiPath Platform Togetherโ€, a two-month training series is a great achievement for the local community . Thank you for driving engagement.