Communication between robots on different PCs

Hi guys,

I have 2 PCs, each with one robot.
On PC1 I would like to start Robot A which would trigger the start of Robot B, on PC2(also maybe send some input parameters from robot A to robot B)

Any ideas on how to do this?

Thanks & cheers,

You can:

  1. Use Orchestrator to schedule tasks and make Second robot dependent on the output
  2. Use Windows Task Scheduler
  3. You can use some type of logic. For example if Robot 1 is creating files in certain Remote location, you can create Robot 2 to scan that location periodically and if there are files do something

Thanks for your answer, but I still don’t see it exactly.

I’ll be a bit more specific.
On PC1 I have created a UI with the Custom Input activity which is waiting for some user input. As soon as the user enters some predefined input, this robot(Robot1) should trigger the start of robot 2 - which is on PC2.
Ideally, I would like Robot 2 to start the job as soon as he gets the input from Robot1(but I don’t know how could they communicate atm?), not with a periodical scan from Robot2.
So, how could I build this? :slight_smile: