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I am fairly new to UIPath. I am interested in working in pairs or groups with projects so we all get down deep and dirty with UIPath.

My question is, is anyone interested? Also if there are any websites or group chats where people do it.


Hi @Ali_1990,

It might be beneficial to check out the UiPath RPA Challenge group. See here:

Go through this link , it will surely help beginner/ freshers / new to UIPath , for learning purpose and exploring UIPath.
Link UiPath Walkthrough

Still if you have any doubt , you create topic here in forum for the issue , you will get solution at earliest.
Happy automation!!

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You can also access Connect projects space:


@Ali_1990 if you find a project that interest you from the UiPath Connect projects page, leave a comment to the author that you would like to work on the project.

Let me know if you tried it and what was the outcome.
Also, you can leave me a message on the support page if things aren’t going according to the plan.

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