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Dear Community,

may i know if we use comment out function in the case below, will UIpath still run the workflow and process build in the comment box.

Many thanks for your help.

Hi @SH_94,

It will run the workflow if there are no errors in the first invoked workflow in your case the Try Catch_Updated_Chage.

But I see there is an warning message in the Try Catch_Updated_Chage workflow. Since there is a warning sign the robot will not run.

Normal Behaviour
By default any commented out code will be ignored by UiPath. Only code which is uncommented and linked to the flowchart will be executed at run time.


Dear @jeevith ,

Thanks a lot for the explanation. May i know what is the function for Try Catch_Updated_Chage?

Thank you.

Hi @SH_94
what u mean by what is the function for Try Catch_Updated_Chage?

And also while adding your question, please make sure to select the correct categories being tagged to question. as in this question you had tagged StudioX instead of Studio.

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Not sure what the workflow has within it. You will have to open it and check what the workflow does yourself.

If there is some complex logic you can post a screenshot of it in the forum. But by just looking at the workflow we can’t say what it does.



I am using studio pro and may i know what will be the difference for studio and studiox in this case?

Here you can find details
3 key differences you need to know about UiPath StudioX, Studio, and Studio Pro.

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I have updated the category… Is the change reflecting at your end??

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Yes @prasath17

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Hi @SH_94 ,

Just to add a point to what @jeevith already mentioned, commented out code in the workflow will not get executed, but this code does get picked during analyzing of project using workflow analyzer.

So, if there are any errors/warnings in your commented out code, those will also show up in the error list.

Hope this info helps.



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