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My data is stored in a string variable which is as follows

Issue status and timings
1.Apache issue 201
2.Database isue 532
3.timing issue 202
4.Apache issue 203
5.Database isue 100
6.Apache issue 800
7.Database isue 900
8.thread isue 250
Issue status to be checked

I need to check the integer value given for all the rows from 1 to 8
like for 1.Apache issue 201 i need to compare 201

How to i do that


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Here is a possible solution.

Split your string for isolating your lines if that is not already the case, linebreak character is usually ā€œ\r\nā€ on Windows. By now you should have a String
Do a forEach on this array and isolate the number.
You can do this using different techniques, regex or splitting the string on space characters and taking the last one

@supu123 Check this workflow :
SplitStringAndCompare.xaml (6.6 KB)

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