Commands added to Quick Access toolbar get reset after restarting Studio

I have added some controls the the quick access toolbar.
But when i restart the UiPath studio… all those commands are back to their original position.
This should not happen.
there are not much controls that we use from the ribbon. We can easily add those to the quick access toolbar and increase the screen work space. But this behavior is annoying.


While searching for related posts I found this one… Don;t know if this got resolved or not.

I am facing different problem. I am not able to add new buttons into Quick access toolbar.
how do you do that?

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I have the same issue too. I was once able to add the ‘Recording’ button to the quick access toolbar.
As usual, after restarting studio, QAtoolbar was reset. Now probably after a studio version update, I am unable anymore to add the ‘Record’ button to the QAToolBar.
Any suggestions?

Looks like it is broken, it used to work in the past. UIPath studio interface needs lot of improvement for sure.

Indeed - QuickBar has been removed in 18.3 but we’re planning to re-add an improved version of this for future releases. Please let us know what other interface improvements you would like to see. Thanks

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Thanks for the reply. This is for sure not urgent thing and glad to know that an improved version is on the way.



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