Command Sent Successfully- but the bot is not executing


I have published the bot to orchestrator but when I ran the bot in Processes it is giving a message the Command sent Successfully whereas the bot is not executing.

Could Someone help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in Advance…


@Krishna_Chaitanya_Janapat Can you Check the Jobs Section in UiPath and Check if there is a Pending Job present? Also let us know what is the Robot License that you have assigned.


In jobs section it is showing in Pending. The robot license is RPA Developer Pro I have assigned

@Krishna_Chaitanya_Janapat You need to change the Robot License to Unattended. Jobs From Orchestrator can only be started with an Unattended License.

@supermanPunch Could u plz suggest how to change the robot license to Unattended

@Krishna_Chaitanya_Janapat You can go to your Orchestrator and Click on Robot Options ->Edit, Change the Type to Unattended as shown below.

@supermanPunch Could you plz suggest the steps how to change it to unattended. I am unable to see the robot options…
Thanks in Advance.

@Krishna_Chaitanya_Janapat Check the Highlighted part in the Screenshot below. The Three Dot Symbol is the Options button, through which you should be able to change the license of the Robot.

@supermanPunch But i’m not able to see the 3dots option in robots. Could I to do any other suggestions for this. Please suggest. Find the attachment below.

@Krishna_Chaitanya_Janapat You would first need to Select the Folder under ‘MY FOLDERS’ on which your Robot is present and then you will be able to see the Options.

The Folder to be Selected in your case is either ‘My WorkSpace’ or ‘Shared’