Command line parameters for the .msi installer not working

Hello ! I recently installed UiPath but have been confronted to the size of the .nuget folder (working in company with a storage limit for my user profile).

I saw that I could reinstall it with the command line parameters and putting the folder out of my user profile.

But when I try doing the PACKAGES_FOLDER command, the windows installer window just pops up as the command is wrong (with all the existing commands for generic installation)

Here is my cmd in my .msi folder :
UiPathStudio.msi PACKAGES_FOLDER=C:\Program Files\UiPath\packages

Am I doing something wrong ?


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Welcome to the community!
Im not familiar to all commands for the installer but you should put quotes before file paths that have white spaces…
UiPathStudio.msi PACKAGES_FOLDER=“C:\Program Files\UiPath\packages”

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As simple as this…

Thank you very much ! :wink:

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