Comma separated getting converted to decimal, need in raw format

Hi all,

I have facing an issue with my mobile no. field, in my raw excel, the Mobile filed is having multiple mobile no. with comma separated for example

but when i am writing the data the output comes as below

how to fix??

Please note in raw excel mobile no. field many records have multiple no. with “/” separated too, and those are okay but where if the field is “,” separated its printing in decimal format.

the initial building block of a solution could be to iterate over the rows and split the Column Mobile values by comma

For each row activitiy

  • then split row(“MOBILE”).toString
  • add it to intermediate collection

in a second run, process all separable items into a e.g. list

May some LINQ can help to do it more compact with less activities.

However, we can help you on this. But for this share a sample Excel file with us including all scenarios along with the description on expected output. Thanks