Combolbox, Select item 'list' - keeps inputting the incorrect choice


I am trying to automate a process by using the Combolbox, Select item ‘list’, and whenever I run this part of my automation the wrong input is chosen every single time regardless of what I choose as my input for the items in the list. Further investigating, it seems that in the list, for whatever I choose as the target, it chooses 6 items below that as the input and not what I have chosen. Any sort of fix to this as I am at a dead end at this point.

You can try a click activity having a dynamic selector, share a workflow or example

Hi, so I am not able to share the workflow as I am not sure about the information being confidential… so I did a recording where I used anchor base to find the pulldown menu and an action click on the pulldown menu, which brings to an attach window combolbox followed by a Do sequence with a select item, in which i choose what I want to be selected. However, it is never selected. I do get an tip for adding a ‘simulate click on control prior to selecting an item’… however, not sure how to solve this…