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I am trying to create a workflow for a website as a practice which has this combo dropdown list

Website =

Where there is dropdown “Downloads->Maharashtra->Ruling by MahaRERA” Where i have to click on an new website will open in new tab but i am unable to do it. The target website cannot be opened directly which i have tried. I need help with it.

Hi Swapnil,
You can directly navigate to the url assigned to Ruling by MahaRERA
href=“Login Page : Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority

Thank you


Thank you for help but is there any way to automate it in UiPath. Because i tried all possible activities from recording to click but it did not worked for me. I will try your solution

I tried your solution but it works when we open the target site manually and use Attach Browser activity. By using Open Browser and directly going to site it does not open the target website it redirects to open website when it asks for login. So is there any possible solution for this combo-box dropdown list because i tried same with AA 360 and it was working with recording option and target website opened. Is it possible by UiPath.

HI Swapnil,

Please check below xaml file

UIHover.xaml (7.9 KB)

Thank you,
Debakanta Mahanta

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Thank you but i tried the hover activity also but the problem comes i try to select the “Maharastra->Rulings by MahaRERA” because the dropdown list disappear when i try to select the option. So is there any solution for it in UiPath

Hi @Swapnil_Pawar ,

We should be able to Hover over the Dropdowns and Click the "Rulings By MahaRERA" option.

Hover over Downloads, then Hover Over Maharashtra and Perform a Click on Rulings By MahaRERA

Check the Below Workflow and Let us know if it doesn’t work :
Dropdown_Click.xaml (14.3 KB)

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Thank you. Your shared workflow works but can you tell how like how you selected the maharastra from dropdown list when i tried to do the same it disappeared back then. Did you used recording or something

@Swapnil_Pawar ,

Using the UI Explorer, we can Select the Element that is Required. First, Select the Downloads Button using a Click. Using this Element we should be able to Navigate down to Select the Dropdown Option we require.

Also to note that, To Hover over Maharashtra, I have also used wildcards for Detecting it, since it is not in the Expected manner.

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Thank you i got what you were trying to explain me. It was really helpful for me, i was stuck on it for days.

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