Combining while and for each


I am trying to create a sequence where the browser should restart upon hitting a certain count of records and continue processing records from where it left off.

Right now I am using a while loop. I have a for loop where the records are read into a datatable and processed. There is flaw in this design as the for each will execute all records consecutively.

On the other hand If I were to place the while loop inside the for loop, on browser restart a record is skipped. I tried this with an If but this will not take care of the flaw.

I am incrementing my counter variable inside the for each and resetting it at the restart sequence.

Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 8.27.01 PM

My design looks like the above atm. How can i redeisgn the sequence to meet the requirements?

Thank you

Hi @ayub_z
If possible, can u tell after how many counts does the browser restrats ?

The number can be anything. Lets assume after processing 20 records, that is the myCounter variable = 20 the browser needs to restart and continue processing from where it stopped in for each.

In the image you can see myCounter <=2, which is just an example of the counts.


Hi @ayub_z

How about this

before for each data row loop initialize the counter as 0


Thank you very much @kumar.varun2

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