Combining two web scrapes data tables into a single data output

Hi All,

I’m looking at multi city pair airport list to identify the cheapest flight for each route.
I’m doing a for each statement pulling the rates for each leg. Within the data scraper I’m then sorting and deduping the cost to come out the cheapest flight. My issue is when I combine all the data and output the excel document. My output is City pair, cheapest flight, return cheapest flight, date.

The cheapest flight and return cheapest flight have the header of the data scraper imbedded within the price. I haven’t been able to figure it out. I’m sure it’s how the table is being defined but I’m at a loss.

Ex: Lowest Cost $59

The data scraper works by itself. It’s when I add it to the for each loop that the headers are imbedded within the output.

As a new user I’m unable to upload the xaml.

Thank you in advance

While scrapping the data try to select amount value only (Ex: 59, 30,100 etc) if possible.
If not possible and if you got the value like ‘Lowest Cost $59’ then split the string with and capture the second value (ex:59).
Please share your sample xaml and result file for better analysis.

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Hi Venugopal,

The scraping selects the proper amount. ($59,$60,etc…) it’s when I try to combine them that the header is added to the cost. I’m doing and “Add data row” and in the array
{row.Item(“City_Pair”).ToString, Str_LowestFareA, Str_LowestFareB, VarDateString}

I used the “output table to string” to convert the two fare tables (Var_CostTblA, Var_CostTblB) to string functions. If I use the fare tables in the array the output says “Data table” for the value.

I tried to load the xaml but the system won’t let me since I’m a new user.

Hi Venugopal,

Seems I finally have access to upload the xaml.

DAirFareTable.xaml (53.7 KB)

Airport Codes.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Thank you for your help!

Figured out my problem.
I needed to include rows(0).Item(0) to my array.


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