Combining data in datatable

Hi All,

I am trying to develop a bot that can read range of an excel file.

From this raw data:
Name No. of Product
Casey 10
Mark 10
Joanne 10
Casey 20
Casey 30

to this, i need the Data Table to read/store the data as:

Name No. of Product
Casey 3
Mark 1
Joanne 1

Note: 10 = 1

What is the best way to do this, please share your ideas!
After reading it this way, i would need the bot to update sap that Casey has 3 products and thereafter send out an email with a subject title that contains the text Casey 3 and etc

Thanks in advance!

Hi @minthodology

Use Build Datatable and then

use add data row with array row property as {row(“Name”).ToString, row(“Name”).ToString.Count}

Ashwin S

Hi Ashwin,

i just revised on the Build Datatable… seems like a way but how do i combine the duplicate name and write the results by line item?

Hi @minthodology

To print the item line by line you can use output datatable activity and based on that you can print the values


Hi @minthodology,

Check the attached XAML file
test.xaml (9.0 KB)