Combining a number and letter column when there are blanks mixed in

Hello Everyone.

I am trying to combine data from 2 columns in Excel into a 3rd column. One Column is numbers and the other is letters. My number column always has data but my letter column doesnt.

Currently I am using a “For Each Row” loop with a “Write Cell” Activity. I am able to get this to work when my Number and Letter both have values, but it leaves it blank when there is no letter value.
This is my expected out put:

This is what I am getting:

This is the loop I am using:

This is what is in my Write Cell:

In Excel I can type the formula “=A2&B2” into C2 and get the correct information, but I cannot get the & to work when I try in studiox.

What can I do to get the correct data I need?
Thanks for the help.

Try the =concat(A2,B2) formula or =concatenate(A2,B2) . Which one you have in your excel depends on your version of excel


what about the following?

CurrentRow("NumberLetter") = CurrentRow("Number").ToString + CurrentRow("Letter").ToString



I dont have an “assign” activity for inside the For Each Row in Data Table.

Hey @Marc_Sciarrino ,
You can try this.
Testing1.xaml (8.4 KB)

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You should drag and drop it