Combined Result basis on same value of one cell


There will be duplicate name in one column but their subject will be different and i want combined result
eg for Name Ansiha is duplicate but subject is different so i need output as Maths and German.

First of all the spelling for both the anisha and aneesha is different

Its Anisha only
Ignore Aneesha


use assign activity:-
data = dt.DefaultView.ToTable(True,“Name”,“combined”)

data - new data table
dt= data read from excel file

can u plz share workflow

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i am getting null values.

Combined Column should have output but it it showing null values.

can i have the workflow screenshot

Where have u used Column Subject
Since value will be taken from Subject col

I used the data according to combined column

Combined is the output which i want


this in input

i want output in Combined Column

Output will be like thisCapture

hi thank you for your effort i check its remove duplicate name and paste combined column value image_2021-02-04_163230
could you please explain this code what is defaultview and totable do you have and documentation link to know about all this special function