Combine two .txt files in to one Excel file

I have a two .txt files in a folder, Need to combine these two .txt files in to one Excel file (xlsx).
How to do this ?

can you pin input data format and expected output

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Hello @Praveen_Vs Refer to the below thread

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In my case there are two .txt files in a folder,
How I’m manually doing is,
1.Copying the text from the first .txt file and pasting it to a excel sheet,
2.Then copying a text from second .txt file & pasting it to the same excel sheet on the next row of the first pasted text.
3.While pasting the second .txt file i want to delete the first line.

Are these CSV? Some other format?

Assuming they’re CSV or some other kind of data format, read both into datatables, then use Merge Datatable to combine them into one, then write to Excel.