Combine several excel files and create pivot

I have given several Excel files with reports. I’ve need to combine them all and create a pivot table. Please, help

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There are pre-build activities to combine excel files such as merge and to create a pivot table there is an activity called to create a pivot table. Use those pre-built activities to build your work flow

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Hi @vkrivenko,

If the files have same headers you can use merge datatable activity to merge the data into a single DT then for Pivot you can use a LinQ query or traditional loops and select function to achieve it. If you can provide some info about pivot then we can help you with some LinQ queries.



  1. You can use read range activity to read the datatables from the excel files
  2. If the structure of that datatables are same you can use merge activity to merge all the datatables into a single datatable.
  3. One you have datatable ready, you can refer this video to create the pivot table using linq
    LINQ | LINQ Pivot | Create Pivot Table Using LINQ | LINQ Uipath | Uipath Tutorials | Coderslobby - YouTube

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