Combine Multiple Queue transactions status


I have two different performers processing the transactions from two different queues.

Finally at the end of 2nd Performer, I need to create a report that contains transaction status of both the queue transactions.

Performer 1 - Queue1
Performer 2 - Queue2

One possible approach is to use get Queue items, for each through it, use get transaction item, then use status, append to DT.

Repeate the same for for 2nd queue and then combine both the DT.

So I need any best approach to do the same or is my solution is only acceptable one?

Can any1 help me with this??
Can any1 help me with this??

Hi @Vinodraj_N

While doing the performer part for each performer, u can try to create a report , after then u can combine the report of two into single one

Can u show how report should be look like ?


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed::relaxed:


I want report to look like,

Transaction No | Ticket# | Job# | Transaction Status | Comments

1 | A123456789 | 89652845| Successful | Transaction is successful
2 |B123457859| 5862489| failed | Business Exceptions

Hi @Vinodraj_N
for performer 1
I think whenever you are processing each transaction, u can append the data to datatable variable and finally in end state , save this to a excel file

Now for performer 2 , do the same operations and append the datatatable to this existing excel file

I think this is the way you can try

Nived N
Happy Automation

You should just have each performer write to an Excel file after processing each item. Then you can combine the Excel files if you want to.

Appending to a DT and then writing to Excel at the end of the job can be problematic. If the job faults for any reason, the rows that have been processed are never written to the log. It’s better to write to the Excel file after every transaction.

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