Combine Match results based on index

results1 = {“q”, “u”, “p”}
results2 = {“a”, “k”, “l”}

assign final = new list of string

For each in Matches results1
For each in Matches results2

append item1.Value.ToString+item2.Value.ToString to final

assign final = item1.Value.ToString + item2.Value.ToString

final = [“qa”, “uk”, “pl”]

What I am getting is:

[“qa”, “qk”, “ql”, “ua”, “uk”, “ul”, “pa”, “pk”, “pl”]

Hi @Destiny_Malone

You can simply try like this

Results1.Zip(Results2, Function(r1, r2) r1 & r2).ToList()

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When it is about Regex Matches we can also do e.g.

var1.Zip(Var2, Function (x,y) x.Value & y.Value).toArray

Kindly note: Both sets do need the same length. Otherwise we have to handle different

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