Combine 3 file (xls,csv) to new file (excel)

I want all file in folder File input [combine 3 file (xls,csv)] to new file (excel)

File input : File (21.8 KB)

File output : output.xls (58.5 KB)

*same format original file.

Please guide me about it. (solve by uipath or macro)

Please help me for solve it.

I saw your files. Each file has different formats. So you need to prepare that files before you are going to do comparing

@ganesh4 I don’t compare file.
I want to combine 3 file to 1 file (3 sheet)

Yes. Because all three file has separate formats. so

1st:- Use skip and take concepts only table format whichever you want

2nd:- skip and take will give one data table structure then you create one combined file

Repeat this concepts for 3 files and then will get one single output file


Here I have attached few reference for you

@fairymemay - Please find the xaml and output files attached… (98.8 KB)

Here is the final output…

Hope this helps…

@prasath17 After run completed.

I open file it show popup as below.

If I click yes data in file as below.

Please guide me for solve it.

@fairymemay - Did you followed the instruction correctly as I noted in the starting of the workflow??

You have to create the empty Merge_Output.xls first in the output folder and then run the workflow.

@fairymemay - please find the updated workflow… (79.5 KB)

now , you don’t have to create the output file first. It will created by the first activity.

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