Combine 2 read range PLEASE HELP!

Hello Robot Masters!, I have difficulty regarding combining 2 read range.
first read range is column E… then 2nd read range is K:N
the output must I/V No. (invoice no.) match to actual date row…
the invoice must be joined with the row of actual date…
please see attached file & images
data 1.xlsx (32.9 KB)
sample image of excel sheets


@mkankatala, @Yoichi hiii… can u help me again?
i have bad output regarding this workflow

Hi @flashdrive07
Since the data table is not so structure, you have to study the output behavior and then find a solution.
Per your sample excel, my solution will be as below.

  1. Read range for column E as dt_1
    a. Use for each / Linq / other ways to keep invoice no only
    b. Write dt_1 to output sheet from column A
  2. Read range for column N as dt_2
    a. Use for each / Linq / other ways to keep actual date only
    b. Write dt_2 to output sheet from column B

i already achieve that one… but what i need is that if there is 3 invoice number the actual date must fill the 3 invoice number with same actual date… and other invoice must follow base on actual date per invoice…

Further check on your excel, for the actual date, you may read range from column K to N. Then keep the date (column N) when column K equals to ‘Actual’ only.

can u provide solution ?

  1. Create data table with header ‘I/V No.’, ‘ETD’ as dt_result
  2. Read range from A1, unchecked with ‘AddHeaders’ as dt_1
  3. Create a temp list (list_InvNo) to store to be added invoice number, a temp date (date_Actual) to store the to be added Actual date
  4. Loop each row of dt_1
    a. If CurrentRow(4) = ‘I/V No.’, loop the temp list: add data row (Array row, [list_InvNo(index), date_Actual]) to dt_result
    Reset list_InvNo and date_Actual to nothing
    b. If CurrentRow(4) is not null, add it to list_InvNo
    c. If CurrentRow(10) = Actual, assign CurrentRow(13) as date_Actual

For the whole solution, it could be provided later this day if necessary.

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Hi @flashdrive07

FYI. The result is saved in result.csv. (34.1 KB)

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can’t open the project since it’s created on Studio…
I am using Studio X… or please provide screenshots?

I saw the output and this is the correct data… i really need this please help

Just read the whole range from E1 to N14, then Filter Data Table to get rid of blank rows and keep just the columns you need.

It was created in Community Version. Maybe you switch to Studio from Studio-X then you could open it.

i cannot change profile…

I guess your license is Enterprise?

Here are some screenshots of the steps for your reference. Not sure it’s doable in StudioX or not.

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Can u also include the code of the conditional?
Thank you so much!

(str_ColumnD = “I/V No.”} OrElse (i = int_SourceRow - 1)

Sorry for missing comments. The later one is condition for last row of Excel.

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