Combination of classic and modern

Hello there, I am just curious to know that combination of classic and modern activities is allowed ?

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Hi @Zack_Gef

Yes of course you can have a combination of classic and modern activities in your project.

If at all you feel there is a necessity of combination


Thanks @nikhil.girish

Appreciate your timely reply

No problem @Zack_Gef
Happy Automation

Hey @Zack_Gef

But Kindly don’t go with Classic from now as it is being deprecated!


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Hi @Nithinkrishna

May I know when it’s getting deprecated

Because normally my company still prefers classic

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Hey @Zack_Gef

For the cloud community edition it’s already been deprecated.


Hi @Zack_Gef,

I agree with @Nithinkrishna.

Since you and your team would want to ensure robust automations, try to avoid any classic activities.

The modern activities will not deem your previous automations running in the orchestrator redundant. But if you are developing something new try avoiding these

  1. Classic activities project setting in UiPath Studio
  2. Classic folders in UiPath Orchestrator
  3. Internet explorer for web automations

@jeevith @Nithinkrishna

I guess @Zack_Gef has query related to Classic and Modern activities but not with Classic and Modern Folders in Orchestrator.

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Hi @lakshman,

I penned down the three things which will soon be deprecated. The other two are also good to be aware of.

Exactly i meant as @lakshman said classic and modern activities not folders

So is classic activities gonna deprecate
@lakshman @Nithinkrishna

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Hey sorry buddy then you can go ahead.

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So Nithin are classic activities deprecating?

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As of now classic Folders only.

Nope. As of now.

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