Comapre 2 list and Send the non match ones in outlook

i have a list with all filename
now i want to get all the filenames from a location

compare and if non match present then send outlook mail → add these fileto location

Hi @Chirag12 ,

You can use following to get matched or not matched list items

Common Values


UnCommon Values


Attach the multiple files to Outlook Please follow the below steps:

  1. Create a variable ‘multiAttach’ of type string array.
  2. Assign multiAttach = Directory.GetFiles(“folder path”)
  3. In Send outlook mail messages, instead of attaching files use AttachmentsCollections from the properties and pass ‘multiAttach’ variable.(Please see below image)
    Multiple Attachments

Hey @Chirag12 ,

i have replicated your scenario, kindly check the compressed file given below (31.2 KB)

Hope it helps you!

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