COM Class Factory Runtime Execution Error

Hi Everyone,

I have tried to find a resolution to this and I cannot seem to find the answers I need.

Initially, when I installed UiPath Enterprise Version 2018.3.3 I had an issue where I was unable to record any activities using the recorder due to a Group Policy access restriction and the COM Class Factory. The IT team resolved this by elevating my privileges on the laptop to an Administrator and the problem went away. I was able to develop and run the automation on my laptop without any issues.

I then published the automation to the Orchestrator and tried to run the Job on my laptop from the Orchestrator, however, even using the login for my account, the robot was still reporting back the error

The IT team have said they can unblock the elements in group policy but neither they nor I can figure out which ones UiPath is calling.

Does anyone know and I will be able to add in the exceptions to our Group Policy?

Just to provide an update to this. We have since found the issue. It was being caused by our Group Policy settings preventing applications from accessing executable files outside of the Program Files directory.

We were able to trace the block to the .C:\Users\USR_NAME.nuget folder and when we added a rule to allow this folder to be accessed as an exception to the policy we were able to run UiPath Studio and Automations without any issue.

Something to keep in mind if anyone else faces this type of issue