Com class factory error - HRESULT :800736B1


Not able to use attach window activity due to above com class error. please advise

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Could you please reattach the picture? It did not upload correctly.
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Hi @loginerror . Thanks for replying.
Attaching again.

Thank you for the error message screenshot. We would still need a bit more information about your particular setup.

Please go over this topic and provide as much information as possible:

Com error mar 03 ![Environment

Thanks. Sorry I am on a learning stage. Attaching some more information. Hope this helps to look in to the issue.

One interesting fact is that. The error message I got today when I use attach window activity is different. See the current error message.

Below are the some background and steps followed to resolve issue. Still problem exist.

  1. uninstalled studio. Deleted nugget folder. Installed again. Problem still exist
  2. Studio is installed in citrix environment.
  3. dll file is available in folder
  4. Administrator rights are available.
  5. Default key has been updated to highest version in register edit. Issue still persist.

Let me know if you need additional information to look in to the issue. Looking for a permanent resolution to this.

Appreciate your time :slight_smile:

Currently doesn’t allowing me to put all images in a post. will attach rest in different comments

Enviornment details

orchestrator ![packages|690x447

@loginerror Hello. Did you get a chance to look in to this. Let me know if you need more information on this.

This issue has been resolved. Thanks