Column wise can we data extract to webpage

I have one doubt I have to take exceel sheet data and fetch to webpage. So here my doubt is I have to take coloum wise that is

So here I take coloumn wise to determine fetch the data in webpage with respective to

These fields
Ordernumber and value 1 means(put into service or documentation) how I have pass this value by column wise.

Can anyone tell suggestions how we do that

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Hey @siva_sankar,

Here is the sample workaround for you. (10.6 KB)

Hope this helps.

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Yeah I will be get some knowledge on that
But my doubt is I have to pass my value on ordernumber to webpage how it’s possible on that what condition I will apply here

Like wise first item1( ordernumber,handover process,name,email id) i have to read the data and pass through webpage
Explain me please


Hey @siva_sankar,

As per the example given above, The excel values are populated to the dictionary.

So you can pass that dictionary values to webpage like to an input element.

Now if you want to access order number of item 1 from dictionary.

You need to just do ItemDetails("Item1")("Order Number").ToString

The above code will give you the value as 28759

So you can use the same to input either in a textbox or any other action on webpage.

Hope this helps

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I got this error from type into filed box
What we can do

Hai bro it’s working now but it’s typing multiple times how can we stop do that multiple times typing the same number in typeinto filed

See this typing multiple times

Tell me the solution

Hai bro please help on that it will get multiple times to come in text filed but I want only one time what is the solution for that

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Hey @siva_sankar,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Typing multiple times is based on the logic you are using.

If you are using a for-each loop for doing it then you need to optimise logic accordingly.

  1. Append item key with a number dynamically
  2. Type into selector should be generic

This is just an approach example. You need to do a similar kind of approach as per your usecase.

If you want more help, please let know

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yeah i want more help bro please explain me because iam struck here,please explain me more on that, now i am getting multiple times but i want only one in that field so what are the steps i want to do, Help me on that

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Could you please explain me on what you are trying to do on the webpage with data please.

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i wanna to get data from webpage so in that excel sheet values i am extract to webpage means i am geting some text i wanna that text place again in exceel sheet in Sheet2

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Okay @siva_sankar,

The logic flow should follow this.

  1. Read data from excel to dictionary for which you have the logic already
  2. Iterate based on a count variable starting from 1
  3. Retrieve from the dictionary the item details based on the count variable used in step2
  4. Now type the order number in webpage
  5. Click submit and retrieve all the details from webpage using get text or scraping methods
  6. Write back to excel the retrieved details
  7. Navigate back to the order search page

Step 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 should be inside the loop

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bro i try this one already but that also showing me on typeinto filed doing in webpage is multiple times. i don’t know how could you solve this.
see my typeinto filed (selecto also) i will attached here

please help me on that

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@siva_sankar, I can see you have only type into field inside your for-each body.

That’s why it repeatedly typing.

Please follow the approach suggested previously. You need to add all processing logic inside for-each body

Thanks :slight_smile:

hai bro its works everything fine for me its come by one by one in webpage
but unfortunately my email id is not picking it
its showing->the given key is not present in the directory.

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Hey @siva_sankar,

Use the same method as you used for order number.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah I used it but email id only it’s showing error I don’t know why it’s showing

It’s only showinh for Emailid field not any other field
Please what we can do for next

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Okay @siva_sankar, Kindly check the excel field name and the name you mentioned in activity are exactly same please.

Yeah it’s same only

Same thing I used here even ordernumber, handover process, name everything is worked but emaild I’d is not worked

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Is it possible to share your workflow to identify the error ?