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Hello Guys,
i have one excel and i want to remove the small green sym from it i tried for one column its working but i want for multiple column using data table pls help me out.UPLOAD.xls (270.5 KB)
Change Column Type in excel.xaml (15.9 KB)

It is just a setting in the Excel. When number is stored as text, it will display as you said.

If you do not want to see that green symbol, do the following configuration -

  1. Open Excel File (Any or New)
  2. Click on File -> Options
  3. Click on Formulas tab (on left side)
  4. Uncheck the following option
  5. Click OK

But i want to resolve this using uipath coding

If anybody have the solution pls let me know

I also need solution for it if anyone have it so please provide

In that case, please make sure that your data table columns are set to right data type.

Build a data table - columns with data types. If column is a number, please set to integer data type.

So when you export the data table to excel, you won’t see the green symbols.

Another alternative solution is, Set all the columns to General in the Excel. So the problem will be resolved.

Karthik Byggari

can you pls provide .xaml for same.

Please refer the below post for sample xaml. Instead of text you can set to the required type.

Karthik Byggari

thanks karthik for giving time but this code is not working for my excel which i share abv

Okay. I will check and send you the upated xaml file later.

ok thanks karthik