Column name with LF and copy sheet with macro

Hi friends

① i have a select query as below
DT.Select(“AAB = '”+item.ToString+"’").CopyToDataTable

But actually the column name has LF, its

How can i change the query.

②How can i copy a sheet with macro to new excel file with macro enabled.
When i used copy, its buttons on that sheets are not working


For this
We can use link query like this in a assign activity [quote=“oshan, post:1, topic:190823”]
have a select query as below
DT.Select(“AAB = '”+item.ToString+"’").CopyToDataTable

dtb= (From p In dta.Select
Where p(Column_Index).ToString.Equals(“StringValue”)
Select p).ToArray.CopyToDataTable()

Then for this

Did we try with MOVE FILE activity where in the destination path we can the new file name instead

Cheers @oshan

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Thanks a lot for your great support always, i will try this and get back

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