Column Name Error

I am getting Column Name is not Valid, As per my knownledge i have given correct,

@ramkrishna2k3 In the excel sheet for price column check is there any spaces.

NO, There is no Spaces

hmm try:
all column Price in excel change the format from general to number.

Its in Number Only.

i know your data is number, but change the column format to number format as well.

or already in number format?

Just Changed to Number format…but getting the same result.

this might be the solution, seems your filter data not found ‘Price’.

In your Read Range activity -> type “A1” in the range -> then uncheck the AddHeader in property.

or try attach your xaml (?) (151.8 KB)


done run it and see.

but i found something funny.

  1. your 1st filter table, you set the condition < 50000 but the result is all >50000
  2. your 2nd filter table, you set the condition < 50000 as well but the result is true <50000

the final result in excel is correct while the condition you set is odd

ok this is the perfected one (i’m perfecting the coloring, above50k filter condition, below50k filter condition).
please mark as solution if this is working (in mine it’s works),
now it depends on you to implement it on your real project. (21.2 KB)

Thank You :slight_smile:

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no problem :slight_smile:

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