Column formatting

I need to format where 1 column contains line number in the form of 1,22,23 etc We need to format this columns in the below format
line number has to be formatted - 1.000,2.000
Please provide the solution for this
Testing_Columns.xlsx (17.2 KB)

Hello @Kunal_Jain

do you want to keep 2 decimal places to the number. like suppose if the page number is 1, you need to format as 1.00?

If yes you can use format value activity to format the values and write back to the cell. Else keep a static excel template with the customised formats and write your data to that excel.

But I need it for the whole column
And I am not able to get it for that.
Can you please help

@Kunal_Jain Want to confirm if the line number is 42 then you want it as 4.000

No it has to be 42.000