Column does not belong to table

tmp_lastrow = row(“Status”).ToString + row.Item(“27”).ToString =“Loaded”

I get error message column 27 does not belong to table

Is “27” a column name ?

no, its suppose to loaded

If you are trying to give index then remove quotes and give as row.Item(27).ToString. If you have a column by name “27” this should be working

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Iam Unable to compare two Coulmn values from two sheets of same excel.and after comparison I have to update the status "matched " or " not “matched” .please,help me

Hi @Srilatha,

Use read range activity to get the data into datatable.

After that use for each row activity to loop the data.
Inside you compare the data between columnA & columnB. Update the value in ColumnC.

Use write range activity to update the data.

Arivu :slight_smile:

Hi @arivu96

I have followed the same approach.but,excel is not updating the status when comparing the data in “sheet1” and “sheet2”.when Iam comparing the data in same is working fine. please help me

Ok fine…

Then loop the first datatable.(Dt1)

The check the if condition like below code"ColumnA='"+row("ColumnA"). ToString()+"'"). length>0

True record match else not match


thanks @arivu96,

but,my requirement is like this.I have to compare Every row of “Account Number” column from “sheet1” and “Account Number2” coulmn from “sheet2” .If they match, I have to update the "Status"Column in sheet 1 as “matched”.so i have to iterate every row and check.


I will attach my xaml file.please,help me.DemoTours.xlsx (11.2 KB)
Main.xaml (37.8 KB)

Main.xaml (37.8 KB)DemoTours.xlsx (11.2 KB)

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your condition is not valid try to make in this way

Ac_Number.ToString.Equals(Ac_Number2.ToString) and Status.Equals(“y”)

try this updated code
DemoTours.xlsx (10.8 KB)
Main.xaml (38.0 KB)

it should works fine ,please try and let me know

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Thank you @alialroomi for your response.but,iam having other condition in my project

1.first it should upload some files and then should check the every row ,and should update the status column.but,here it is verifying every matching row and updating in the status column.please,help me with that.

Here iam attaching excel file .first it should upload files 123 account number and then it should verify in excel and update in the status column.DemoTours.xlsx (11.2 KB)

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I want to make clear that if files for that particular account number is uploaded successfully.then the “status” column should change then it should go to second account number.please,help me

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am not quite sure what exactly you mean , you need to upload what and where and based on what !

could you please elaborate more

HI @Srilatha,

Can you tell me what need to be done clearly.

else give me sample input and your expected output in another sheet.

Arivu :slight_smile:

hi @arivu96 @alialroomi , I have attached sample excel file in which i have to upload data for particular account number(e.g:123).After succesful submission of data to that particular account number,the status should change to “yes”.then ,it should go to second account number,so on.please,help me with that.DemoTours.xlsx (11.3 KB)

Dear could you please elaborate more to help you i need to understand very well what you trying to do , first of all what you need to upload is it the pdf files ! and from where the directory and to where you need to upload them to specific server or to folder directory and at least what is the condition or there is no condition to upload !

Hi @Srilatha,

can you please confirm.

you are going to check Monitorio sheet Acc_number column value to Monitorio2 sheet Acc_number column is match you are going to update status as YES correct?

DemoTours.xlsx (10.5 KB)
Main (2).xaml (38.7 KB)

Arivu :slight_smile:

@alialroomi, I need to upload those files and data into an web application based on account number matching in both sheets.then the status should go to “yes” for that particular number.then second account number’s data should be uploaded and status should change to "yes"if successfully uploaded.