Column Difference

How to get the column differences

Eg: I have 2 values like AA and AF

The difference between the column is 5

How to get the value like this?

Please help



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@Sweety_Girl Is “AA” and “AF” column Names or the Values in different Columns ?

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Its “AA” “AF”

No, It Doesn’t work

is AA is column name or cell reference?

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Cell Reference!!

Do you know the column names?
if yes then use

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Its not working at my end,

Did that works for you??

@Sweety_Girl I think it should be :

But it Should be Column Names not Cell Reference


You need to write those column names there

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I am working in Cell referencing, Like using the loop up range and getting cell reference and processing…

So now I am getting two references like AA5 and AF5

I need the difference for AA and AF??

please refer this this will help you

and then use it for subtraction

How to you get the cell references ?

LookUp Range

@Sweety_Girl so you should be providing a lookup value as well in lookup range ?

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You can use this code.

LEtterToNumber.xaml (6.5 KB)


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