To get the RBG value of X and Y coordinate and identify the color using Euclid Shortest Distance formula.

Package: ColorDetectorActivities
Author: @palindrome


Hi @palindrome

Can you provide a sample here ?


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Hi @balupad14,

Please check this xaml file:
DetectColor.xaml (7.2 KB)


This looks like it would be ideal for the use case I have, if it allowed you define a selector and clipping area for it to choose the pixel within. I don’t know if further development is planned for this activity? Thanks.

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Yes, all of that can be done.

Hi - how to download this activity? Have tried in my machine but unable to find it.

Am using 2018.4.4 version. What package do I need to install? Couldn’t find Colordetector packages

Thanks! However I couldn’t see the package name. Please guide me in detail. Thanks for your support in advance. Also I believe, the color can be detected from an image and PDF files.

Yes, This is work in progress. I will soon share the updated custom activity in UiPath GO!.
If you want to try out beta version. Please email me at